Our Focus

Our Focus

The United Nations protocol on trafficking defines trafficking in humans as “all acts related to recruitment, transport, sale or purchase of individuals through force, fraud or other coercive means for the purpose of exploitation.
Human trafficking refers to the transfer of persons from one state to another as well as aiding and abetting of clandestine immigration by the use of force, deceit and blackmail. It is a community-based crime which can only thrive in communities where the falsehood of traffickers is promoted.

Mr Chigozie Okereke

Member of the Edo State Committee Against Human Trafficking (ETAHT)

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Irregular immigration and human trafficking involve a whole lot more than the vulnerable people and victims could ever imagine. For example, it involves sexual exploitation as well as the conscription of males for war. Victims have been exposed to various forms of exploitation in the course of their journey, with a high percentage being exploited for forced labour.

Edo state is a well-known source for International Human Trafficking. Many hundreds of young Edo girls are trafficked to Europe and Asia yearly, where they are put to work in brothels, clubs and even made to prostitute on the streets.

Internal trafficking is also prevalent in Nigeria, where young boys and girls are recruited from poor and impoverished families in rural areas with a promise of a better life in the city and are then sold into domestic servitude as houseboys/girls. These victims often have to endure the hardship and are left under continuous threat of physical harm.

Causes of Human Trafficking

From empirical data available, four issues had been found to be the drivers of human trafficking. After interviewing and profiling over 4,767 deportees, the primary reasons advanced by them for embarking on their journeys were:

Economic Pressure
Family Pressure
The sheer ignorance and lack of access to regular means of migration
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Lack of jobs
To achieve their aim, traffickers play on factors such as poverty, ignorance, government failure, weak family values, eroded societal morals and norms by promising the victims and their families a better life at the destination countries.

Facts & Figures

Thousands of persons risk their lives and limbs by boarding unseaworthy boats to migrate from their countries to greener pastures and instead of finding the better life which they seek, they find modern-day slavery and narcotics’ instead.

170, 000 - 180, 000

Trafficked Persons Currently in Libya in Italy


Amount of Trafficked Persons in Libya, Who Are Nigerians


The Largest Number of the Trafficked Persons Who Are Nigerians Are From Edo State

Recent studies also show that a large number of male youths who start off as irregular migrants now end up as trafficked victims once they leave the shores of Nigeria, as they are exploited by Libyans as well as Nigerians and used as forced labour in construction, agriculture and prostitution in Tripoli, Sabha, Benghazi, and Misrata, all in Libya.

In more recent times, over 64,000 persons have reached the borders of European Countries, in particular, Italy. A good percentage of these are Nigerians.

What we are doing

We are gaining grounds in turning Edo State into a beacon of hope for the global humanitarian community, and championing the fight against human trafficking and irregular migration in Nigeria at large. We are proud that Edo State has taken on the enormous challenge of changing the narrative, with positive results so far.