Research And Data Analysis

Research And Data Analysis

We conduct intensive research through door-to-door investigations, in-depth studies, interviews and questionnaires. Our research is targeted at examining the root causes of trafficking in Edo state and developing sustainable solutions to the problem.

We use programmes such as AVRR, Advocacy, and Investigation Units’ interventions, to also conduct research on human trafficking, irregular migration and associated forms of exploitation in Edo State.

An important by-product of our research is the collation of data and statistics from victims of trafficking. For example, our research thus far has revealed the cluster points of human trafficking sponsors in Europe.

The data collected through our research influences the creation of tailored measures to approach the prevention and prosecution of human trafficking.

We maintain a significant database of victim case data, which contains case records for all trafficked persons assisted by ETAHT. This database takes into consideration socio-cultural, political and economic root causes of human trafficking and irregular migration of Edo indigenes.

Our data includes information on returnees’ backgrounds, returnees’ experiences that may be associated with human trafficking, irregular migration or other exploitative practices during their journey to Europe.